For Providers

The LGBTQIA+ community makes up approximately 30% of the U.S. general population. These folks often avoid seeking medical attention due to a lack of education, inherent biases, and discrimination within the medical community. By signing up for the information session below, you will be taking the first step in becoming a specialist of LGBTQIA+ inclusion in your clinic.

For Business Owners

Make your business a safe space for everyone by incorporating correct terminology and verbiage and by creating an inclusive environment for every employee and customer who might walk through your door.

For Parents

Come with your child on their journey to living as their whole, authentic selves. My LGBTQIA+ 101 info session will help you learn so that you can be the best support possible for your child.

What questions do you have?

    Educational Resources:

    Correct Pronouns and why the matter:

    The Gender Unicorn:

    Transgender Basics:

    Glossary of LGBTQIA+ terminology/verbiage:

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