What is Telehealth?

As defined by the American Physical Therapy Association, Telehealth is the use of electronic information and telecommunication technologies to remotely provide health care information and services.

Telehealth offers safety, convenience and flexibility.


During these trying times, just going to the grocery story can be terrifying. Using telehealth, you can visit the clinic without ever leaving your home.


No more driving hours to see the provider you feel comfortable with; just open your laptop and check into your appointment.


Telehealth can easily be offered in the evenings, during your lunch break, or even on weekends.


Does telehealth PT provide the same treatment benefits as in person PT?

Yes! In fact, according to multiple studies on telehealth vs. in-person care compiled by Karen Finnin, BAppSc, MMuscPhys, Australian Telehealth PT pioneer and expert, the following conclusions were drawn:

  1. Treatment online has no increased error rate than it would in person.
  2. Treatment outcomes were the same, if not better than in-person care.
  3. Telehealth offers cost benefits of both time and money

Will my private health information be protected?

Absolutely. We use IntakeQ as our telehealth platform. This platform is HIPPA compliant, easy to use, and offers easy ways to communicate with your provider privately and safely.

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